Parental Rights Termination

A mother or father’s parental rights may be either voluntarily or involuntarily terminated for a variety of reasons in Tennessee. When the decision is made to voluntarily terminate parental rights, it is typically to make way for adoption. However, when parental rights are involuntarily terminated, it is generally because abuse, neglect or abandonment is present. A parent can also lose their parental rights if they fail to pay child support as ordered by the family law courts or they are deemed to be unfit parent.

The family courts will only terminate parent’s rights if it is in the best interests of the child. Once parental rights to a child are terminated, then one parent may be awarded sole custody and the parent who had his or her rights terminated will no longer be permitted to have contact with the child. In addition, once a parent’s rights are legally terminated, they no longer have to pay current child support. They do however still have to pay off any child support owed (known as arrears).

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