Karnes Kids Mission

Karnes Kids was formed in 2011 with three missions dedicated to Children and Families: charity, community awareness and child advocacy.

Karnes Kids works to improve the daily lives and the future of children meeting the needs of our community’s children and promote their well-being.

Karnes Kids is dedicated to advocating for the needs of at-risk children within the legal community. Karnes Kids provides training and instruction, consultation, and other assistance to those who act on behalf of children. Karnes Kids participates in community events such as fundraising for Racing so They Can Ride in memory of Caleb Lott to provide hippotherapy to children with physical needs.  

Karnes Kids has donated food and thousands of pieces of clothing, including coats, leggings and gloves, socks, school uniforms to needy children and families.

If you have a donation, kindly call 731.668.9529 Ext 101 ext. 101.