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Karnes Legal Services,(KLS) founded in 1996, has offered clients in Tennessee and Virginia an aggressive civil trial practice. Karnes Legal Services is a general practice law firm; with an emphasis on litigation.

Karnes Legal Services was founded on the belief that God is the true Lawgiver and above all else He is just. KLS’ mission is to ensure that the law and justice are served. This requires knowledge, experience, civility, fairness, judgment, integrity, honesty, wisdom, common sense and a commitment to equal justice under the law.



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Ms. Karnes combines the ability to listen, compassion, sensitivity to the client’s concerns, flexibility and a belief in the strength and sanctity of the family unit with her commitment to excellence by upholding the utmost standards of morals and ethics. Her tenacity and aggressive representation produce results with a personal approach that has been equated to the concept of “velvet wrapped around steel”. You have the right to the best legal assistance; select yours wisely.

KLS’ Federal Civil Litigation involves constitutional issues and religious rights. Ms. Karnes litigates in several Federal Courts and is frequently associated by other counsel, both local and out of state, on Federal matters. She practices anywhere in Tennessee or Virginia, and can provide services in other states as well.



  1. R

    I’ve never needed a lawyer before. I live in East TN, and I suddenly found the largest, most powerful bureaucracies in the state, lined up against me with both barrels! They acted as if they were above the law. I’m referring to child protective services. I went to them for help for a child in a bad situation as a mandated reporter.

    Then they turned on me like a pit bull. It was my worst nightmare. They just arbitrarily determined I was guilty of a crime based on the word of a derelict abusive parent. They never contacted me at all during their “investigation” of me. And they broke many more of their own rules and policies. No one would help. No one would listen to me. Family knew the truth but that didn’t matter. I stood to have my name on a list, a publicly searchable database as someone who did something that never happened. They had NO CASE AT ALL but it never stopped them. I stood to be ruined by reputation, lose my ability to serve God in the capacity that I had for years.

    Then I found Ms. Lanis Karnes. A lawyer in the family had advised me to find one with experience in the area of administrative hearings for CPS. AND FALSE “indications” as they call them. Best advice ever. Over the months b4 hearing her staff and herself, walked me thru all that was needed, I sent them all the info and some q&a, but it was the best feeling in the world once the hearing started. All the months of worry and anger melted away as I watched her brick by brick destroy what passed as their case against me.

    Finally someone who was on my side (aside from witnesses and family) she was professional but tough as nails and prepared! She hit them figuratively speaking with a 10 lb hammer over and over till they had no choice but to dismiss b4 it ever even came to the point of mine and witness testimony. I just sat there in awe as she worked over this cps crew. They were stuttering and stammering and covering Their own tails.


    1. RENAY

      Ty so so so much for your testimony. It has made me feel overwhelmingly Joy for you! We are going through something similar, cps in this case did not do their job at our request and never contacted my daughter as they through lie after lie out there and I requested a new case worker which never happened, it’s such a long story I can’t put it all into words on here but just to hear your story gives me “Hope” Our juice system here in Savannah is very crooked and bias and it works on who you are and who you know….Can’t wait to talk to this lawyer and I once again Thank You so Deeply from my heart as this is the first bit of hope I’ve been given!!!!!

  2. Christie johnson

    I had an consultation with u May 6,2016! I need to sign papers and hire you please call me at 731-376- . Thank you, Christie Johnson

  3. Lanis Karnes

    I hope you received my response and that all went well in court. I am so sorry you are going through this! If you still need assistance you can reach my office at 731-668-9529 and set up an initial consult and we can develop a plan to help you. The initial consult fee is $150.00.

  4. Christen

    I have also had issues recently with CPS. A false report was filed about me, most likely by my estranged husband, whom I badly need to divorce.
    Ms. Karnes, from what I’m reading you may be just the help I need.
    Please email me at your earliest convenience.
    Thank you.

  5. Dorothy Clemons

    Wrongfully Terminated I need a lawyer call me at 901 570 3993 Thanks

  6. Tammy Marcum

    I need a good attorney . Trying to get my grandchildren who r in states custody. There have been to many lies and falsified records to even mention here. I need help. My grandchildrens father was beaten for an hour and a half by drug task force and suffered a fractured skull 7 broken ribs fractured shoulder and 3 fractured to the bone under his eye I believe to stop him from exposing all the lies the system and judge were hifing. After he was beat 2 weeks later they sent papers saying he had 3.5 gram of meth which I know we’re lies they found nothing on him at all that day . People witnessed this beating and r willing to testify to what they sae. This man and my daughter hAve made mistakes but we’re always good parents. I need help with all this. What’s your consult fee. We are struggling but determined not to lose this kids and find justice for their dad.

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