Civil Rights Violations

Employers, police departments, and governing authorities can be held liable for civil rights violations. In regard to the workplace, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 provides certain protections for different classes of people in the workplace. In cases involving property rights and the actions of governing authorities, failure to follow proper procedures through public hearings and petitions can also involve violations of civil rights. When police use excessive force, deny a suspect his constitutional rights, or try to use the “color of law” to deny someone the exercise of his rights, they may be liable for civil rights violations. In each case, due process is denied and unfair or unequal treatment is the result. At Karnes Legal Services, we represent people who have had their civil rights violated by either an employer, police officer, or government entity.

Karnes Legal represents people in the following kinds of civil rights cases:

Police brutality and police misconduct
Execution of an invalid search warrant
False arrest and imprisonment
Racial discrimination
Sex discrimination
Age discrimination
Denial of property rights
Denial of due process at public hearing
Religious Discrimination

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